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Info Label Inc. of Halfmoon, NY leads the way as the first company in New York to partner with International Paper Products Corporation and reduce their waste to near zero.

Halfmoon, New York May 29, 2009

Info Label Inc announces the launch of their new partnership with International Paper Products Corporation "IPPC" ( ) of Westfield, MA. "We've been looking for a positive and productive solution to decrease our waste and its impact on local landfills," says Mark Dufort, President of Info Label, "and through our partnership with IPPC we've reduced our waste by 99%. IPPC is a Materials Lifecycle Management Company that helps organizations such as ours to identify and pre-sort pre-consumer clean materials within our facility that have a beneficial use," says Dufort, "In the past these materials were typically sent to landfills for disposal."

The residual materials that currently make up about 99% of Info Label's scrap waste have been qualified by IPPC to be used as feed stock in the manufacturing of an alternative energy product called Enviro-Fuelcubes(r). Enviro-Fuelcubes(r) are more than 75% carbon neutral and co-fired in energy intensive industries, such as power plants, reducing the amount of coal & oil used. "Info Label has extended the lifecycle of these clean materials and they will now be used as a replacement for fossil fuels in a commercial power plant for the production of electricity," says Rosemary Joralemon, Director of Sales & Marketing at Info Label. All of Info Label's pre-sorted materials have been qualified through analytical measure, cataloged and are accepted as conforming materials. IPPC's function is to extend material lifecycles and also manufacture alternative fuel, as opposed to engaging in waste management operations or activities.

"These materials are no longer considered waste," says Joralemon. "Our employees have been trained by IPPC's materials acquisition specialist to identify and pre-sort these materials and divert them prior to becoming waste," Joralemon continues, "These scrap Specification Raw Materials (SRM(r)) are segregated and sent to a manufacturing facility to make a finished product. We have chosen to segregate these materials for a better purpose than the landfill, and this program is in keeping with our ongoing commitment to ecological sustainability while significantly reducing our disposal costs."


Info Label Inc ( was founded by Mark Dufort in 1994. The company moved from their original Mechanicville, NY location their new Southern Saratoga County plant at 12 Enterprise Avenue, Halfmoon, NY 12065 in 2004. Info Label produces high quality pressure sensitive labels and flexible packaging for such industries as personal care and cosmetic, wine and beverage, household chemical, organic and fancy food, pet care, and more. Info Label's fleet of industrial printing presses include two combination flexographic presses and two state of the art HP Indigo digital presses, the HP Indigo ws4500 purchased in 2007 and the HP Indigo ws6000 purchased in March 2009. "We've invested significantly in digital technology because it provides outstanding and affordable offset quality results. HP Indigo technology is extremely eco-friendly and combined with our partnership with IPPC sets us head and shoulders above our competition. We see this as Win/Win/Win for us, our customers and the environment," says Dufort. Info Label's HP Indigo ws6000 is one of five installed worldwide.

For more information please contact: Rosemary Joralemon, Dir. Of Sales & Marketing, Info Label Inc., 12 Enterprise Avenue, Halfmoon, NY 12065,, (800) 463-6711 Tel & (518) 664-9442 Fax, or visit our website: Rosemary Joralemon is available by appointment.



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